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Socially meaningful 3D surroundings custom designed to reflect your world. A place for real-time interaction, learning, and play.


Set the right context with spaces for different conversations and projects.


Share files, videos and links in a contextual and intuitive way.


We learn best when our emotions and curiosity are engaged. 


Screen share with your clients. Explore ideas in three dimensions.


We know what it’s like to feel disconnected. With a team spread out over several countries, we set out to build a platform that would give us a shared sense of being in the same room together. 


We need to feel present with one another across great distances. And we want persistent spaces that remain even after we leave, 3D environments with soul and character that set the scene for the kinds of projects and conversations we want to have and return to.


We want to do a better job of connecting, in the world around us and online. We want places that bring out more of our humanity and encourage our wholeness. We are not as near to one another as we want to be. We built Relm to bridge the gap.

Activity Oriented

Organizational playground to host & share videos, documents & links in intuitive ways. Build mind-maps with clients and members.

Real Time

Human to human connection with your team, clients, friends and family, for work or play, using Twilio video conference integration.


No more endless scrolling or comparative status updates. Togetherness with as clean & minimalist an interface as possible.


Environment affects our conversations. Embodied memorable events, experiential learning through thematic visual spaces.

Story of Jerome and Marion and other members

Univers-K is an association of non-profit organizations in Lyon, France dedicated to assisting patients and their families in a holistic way as they brave the challenges of living with cancer. Quick project description – problem, solution, outcome etc.

Story of Sam and Stephanie and Mandy

Expedition Self is an online community of curious self-developers and lifelong learners. Sam teaches people how to master the process of Growthwork, to go inside Self and recreate the inner relationship into a more collaborative, available, and self-leading way of empowering Life itself.

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