Your Organization’s Engagement and Sustainability 

Communicate, Interact and Communicate in a 3D World

Our Vision 

Today’s RDPO’s have numerous communications and data needs throughout their Ecosystem. Zoom or other Video Chat platforms don’t provide the required connection. The RareVerse’s lifelike, avatar based Metaverse technology provides movement and social interaction to people who are wheelchair bound or bedridden.

Services: That Build Your Organization’s Success



Places for Members to casually, sit on the floor, play games, talk, and interact in a cool and fun setting. Builds RDPO connection and engagement. 


Meeting Rooms

Places for Members to conduct private group meetings, sit on the floor or at a desk. Write on the white board to capture your thoughts. 

Library/Digital Resource Center

Places for Members to casually, sit on the floor, play games, talk, A place to gather documents, important to the RDPO. They are accessible only to the members. In addition, public resources on the Internet. It is constructed like a traditional library, where each book links to the private or public resource. 

Movie/Video Theater

A space available to play video files or “YouTubes” where people can meet communally and experience a “Watch Party” like experience. People are pared off and can speak with each other and others around cannot hear.


A large space to deliver informational meeting to the entire RDPO,  Science Committee presentation and training programs.

Why Partner with Us?

We offer five unique spaces each designed to meet the diverse needs of the RDPO.

  • Connects the Organization, Builds Group Engagement

  • Offers Real World Like Physical Movement

  • One Platform Many Uses

  • Superior Interface than Current Video Chat Platforms

About Us


Our roots are in Rare Disease. Sean Gordon is a Patient with an adult onset indication, Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease (APBD). He has worked passionately with the Community and a co-founder of World Rare Advocacy Partnership (WRAP). He writes a quarterly column, “RareTech”, the intersection of Rare Disease and Technology for Rare Revolution E-Zine. He is a graduate of EURODIS summer program









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