Set down your bag, and

commune with friends.

Relm is a community of artists, engineers, philosophers, and spiritual thinkers making a new kind of home on the internet.

A Living World

Upload 3d models and images—affect your environment on the go. Bring a part of yourself to Relm.

Join From Anywhere

No setup needed. Just open a link in your browser.

Our surroundings tell us about ourselves, and hold us in relationship to one another.

The Online Social Universe Manifesto

Open Source

  • We are open source, so you can’t have your world taken away.
  • Based on well-known technologies, such as Three.js and Svelte.
  • Well-established code base, under development for more than a year.

If you’re curious about the software stack, see our Github organization.

Let’s Meet

Relm is not in its final form today, but we’re curious about you, and if you’d like to be a part of the founding conversations, please join us on Discord.