Invite your clients into
a tailored virtual experience
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Our surroundings tell us about ourselves, and hold us in relationship to one another.









Team up with us for a custom world, or build your own in a browser.

Discovery sessions are available
Thursdays and Fridays






“It’s been a long while since anything has felt so human-centric on a computer in my life time. I almost feel like I’m taking a walk in the park with my friends, and that makes all the difference for me.”

             – Anonymous Relmer

“I love how easy it feels to be in these spaces. It’s like a game except the point is to be with people and to spend time making memories together. There’s nothing quite like it.”

             – Rey J.

“Overall it’s very humanistic, solar-punky (if you know what that is) and positive.

I sincerely hope this tool would find more contributors and those who extract value from it.”

        – Alex B

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Explore some possible 3D worlds:

Who's Using Relm?

Support Groups

Univers-K is an association of non-profit organizations in Lyon, France using Relm to assist cancer patients and their families in a holistic way. Patients meet with coaches, plan events together, and organize fundraisers.

Life Coaches

Bring clients on a journey of discovery–as individuals or in group sessions. Once you’ve customized your unique space, there is no additional setup needed for your clients–they just open a link in a browser.


Make meeting online fun again! Branding exercises, marketing brainstorming sessions, and leadership training. Team up with us to build the right environment for your goals.


Univers-K is an association of non-profit organizations in Lyon, France dedicated to assisting patients and their families in a holistic way as they brave the challenges of living with cancer.

Kolivi is human-centered collaborative software for teams.