Your own Relm for Teamwork.

Friendly, collaborative, fun, customizable environment for remote teams in your browser

Imagine if you could bring the cameraderie and focused teamwork of World of Warcraft to your remote team.

Where serendipity, casual conversation, and fun converge, we think good company culture can thrive online.

Duane Johnson, founder

A new way to be online together

A Living world

Upload 3d models and images – affect your environment on the go. Bring a part of yourself to Relm.

Simple & Intuitive

Browser based – web and mobile, no setup needed, everyone can join right away.

Natural Dynamic

Natural, participant-driven communication in multiple locations, throughout your Relm.

Create locations, Host online events, Use collaboration tools and integrations

Future functionality

We’re still in beta, so expect a lot more to come:

Collaboration tools

Screensharing, Notes, Rooms, Chats etc


Google docs, Slack, Trello & many more to come

Extended Interactivity

Wave, high-five, show emotions with your avatar

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