Relm is Growing

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve started making a fairly big change to Relm’s direction over the past month–from a business app to a community app. Relm’s new mission is to allow us, as friends, to commune together online in a space that facilitates self-reflection, personal growth, and strong relationships. The people are the center, the technology is there for the assist.

What does this change mean? In some ways, nothing has changed–we’re still avatars running around with video bubbles over our heads at (for example). But in other ways, everything has changed–we’ve given ourselves permission to care deeply about the human condition, about meaning & purpose in life, and how technology helps or hinders us in the pursuit of happiness inside the “world of electric light“. A business typically doesn’t care about these things directly, which is why it felt so incongruent to be focused on these things while selling it as a service.

We’re moving Standup to 9:00 AM MST each weekday (from 7:30 AM) and y’all are welcome to join. We typically hold it in Discord right now (“Standup” voice channel), but sometimes in Relm v4.0.

Also, check out the #events channel (in Discord for now) for upcoming events.

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