Collaborative Whiteboards in a Metaverse

We’re very excited to release shared, collaborative documents & whiteboards in Relm for the first time. As a founding team, we’ve hosted many of our planning sessions and discussions in Relm itself (naturally!) and used…Continue readingCollaborative Whiteboards in a Metaverse

4 Audio Modes to Give Everyone Audio Autonomy in Relm

Our team had an awesome brainstorming session at the beginning of this month around how audio/video could work in future. There were some obvious issues we wanted to address. Audio Issue One:¬†Autonomy over your own…Continue reading4 Audio Modes to Give Everyone Audio Autonomy in Relm

Relm was featured by Ryan Schultz, a prominent VR Blogger

Since 2017 Ryan Schultz has been gaining a devoted following by releasing blog articles about his experiences in all kinds of virtual reality spaces and metaverses. His blog, is a comprehensive resource about social…Continue readingRelm was featured by Ryan Schultz, a prominent VR Blogger

Podcast with Jared Anderson

I was recently on a podcast with coach Jared Anderson, talking about consciousness, online culture, healing, and Relm: On the show, I mentioned the “Universal Human Needs” document from my wall. This is a synthesis…Continue readingPodcast with Jared Anderson

Characters: Designing Customizable Colors in Blender & Three.js

How we look and how we feel about ourselves is intimately connected. In Relm, we want you to feel at home, and firmly in your own shoes while building and being part of your community…Continue readingCharacters: Designing Customizable Colors in Blender & Three.js

Video & Audio Considerations

If you’ve had enough privilege to be connected through technology on any level over the past year or longer, you might understand the problems on a subconscious level or even cognitive level surrounding the complexity…Continue readingVideo & Audio Considerations

Mining for Milestones

Ok, I just have to say I’m really proud of the work we’ve accomplished in 3.5 months. Relm 5.0 wasn’t even a line of code on Oct 28 of last year, and we’ve now made…Continue readingMining for Milestones

Philosophy Club: Yes or No to Heroes?

On Jan 10th, we had a Philosophy Club meet up between some of our members about the pros and cons of holding up people as heroes or icons in our communities. Philosophy is a personal…Continue readingPhilosophy Club: Yes or No to Heroes?

Relm is Growing

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve started making a fairly big change to Relm’s direction over the past month–from a business app to a community app. Relm’s new mission is to allow us, as friends, to…Continue readingRelm is Growing

User Interface Ideas

Should we have a “game mode” and a “builder mode”? What does private messaging look like? What does your character’s inventory look like? Is inventory separate from uploading a photo? We’re discussing the new user…Continue readingUser Interface Ideas