Collaborative Whiteboards in a Metaverse

Collaborative Whiteboards in a Metaverse

We’re very excited to release shared, collaborative documents & whiteboards in Relm for the first time. As a founding team, we’ve hosted many of our planning sessions and discussions in Relm itself (naturally!) and used outside tools like Google Docs, JoeDocs, or Kolivi Flex to take notes.

However, it’s often the case that notes taken in the context of a session are best recalled later within that same context—for example, if I was in “Humboldt’s Study” when we wrote down our list of clients, I’d like to return to Humboldt’s Study to see the list!

In other words—while the vast array of web-based resources out there are a wonderful complement to a collaborative conversation, there are a few core features that we believe are necessary for a virtual world to feel like a natural, effective communication platform. Shared rich text editing–used as both whiteboards and documents–is one of those core capabilities that I think you’ll enjoy.

If you’d like to give it a swing, join our beta or drop by our Discord channel. We’d like to meet you!

Duane Johnson is a founder and CEO of Relm.US, a tiny metaverse for life coaches and other transformation facilitators.