Collaborative Whiteboards in a Metaverse

We’re very excited to release shared, collaborative documents & whiteboards in Relm for the first time. As a founding team, we’ve hosted many of our planning sessions and discussions in Relm itself (naturally!) and used…Continue readingCollaborative Whiteboards in a Metaverse

Podcast with Jared Anderson

I was recently on a podcast with coach Jared Anderson, talking about consciousness, online culture, healing, and Relm: On the show, I mentioned the “Universal Human Needs” document from my wall. This is a synthesis…Continue readingPodcast with Jared Anderson

Characters: Designing Customizable Colors in Blender & Three.js

How we look and how we feel about ourselves is intimately connected. In Relm, we want you to feel at home, and firmly in your own shoes while building and being part of your community…Continue readingCharacters: Designing Customizable Colors in Blender & Three.js

Mining for Milestones

Ok, I just have to say I’m really proud of the work we’ve accomplished in 3.5 months. Relm 5.0 wasn’t even a line of code on Oct 28 of last year, and we’ve now made…Continue readingMining for Milestones

User Interface Ideas

Should we have a “game mode” and a “builder mode”? What does private messaging look like? What does your character’s inventory look like? Is inventory separate from uploading a photo? We’re discussing the new user…Continue readingUser Interface Ideas

Jitsi + Svelte

We’re happy to announce a new open source (MIT licensed) library called jitsi-svelte, available on npm and github. I’ve been using lib-jitsi-meet for a few months now and have a little bit of an understanding…Continue readingJitsi + Svelte

Kinder, Gentler Community

Our online spaces need to be more welcoming—they need to have more hospitality, more civilization, and more heaping helpings of kindness. You might be skeptical that there’s hope—after all, the social networks are most often…Continue readingKinder, Gentler Community

How is Relm better than Zoom?

In some ways Relm is like Zoom (video chat!), but at the same time, a lot of people notice it also looks like… a video game world!? So, what’s up with that, and is it…Continue readingHow is Relm better than Zoom?

The Online Social Universe Manifesto

Version 1.0 Human beings are fundamentally social creatures. But the world wide web was not designed to meet our social needs. When we look around at the networks we’ve created online, we see a travesty…Continue readingThe Online Social Universe Manifesto

I don’t wear hats (well)

But I’m about to wear several, for now! I’m thrilled to announce that I (Duane) am starting full-time this week at Relm.US Inc. as CTO and acting CEO. When my brother, Chris, and I started…Continue readingI don’t wear hats (well)