New Features – June 22

Relm had a big refactor last month and as a result, there are quite a few new features:

  • Foldable images: creates an improved illusion that a 2D image is 3D by putting a “crease” down the center.
  • Ground: we now have flexible flooring! No more grey background. Ground can be circle-shaped, square-shaped, or “roughly circle”-shaped (pictured below) and keeps players within bounds.
  • Editor: object properties can be directly edited (currently as JSON)
  • Faster downloads: all images are now converted to both WebP and PNG so that we can use the much lighter-weight WebP format on browsers that support it.
  • More vibrant colors: the world was white-tinted, but now has truer more beautiful colors on textures.
  • The “Help” screen documentation is accurate again.

Duane Johnson is a founder and CEO of Relm.US, a tiny metaverse for life coaches and other transformation facilitators.

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