Relm Updates – July 9

Most of the development work has been focused on a server update that will be coming soon, but there have also been some helpful updates and improvements that have landed on the browser side: NEW:…Continue readingRelm Updates – July 9


An oft-requested feature is now here: screensharing! If you click on someone’s screen, you’ll get a full screen version of their screen. For now, the only way to initiate a screen share is via the…Continue readingScreensharing!

New Features – June 22

Relm had a big refactor last month and as a result, there are quite a few new features: Foldable images: creates an improved illusion that a 2D image is 3D by putting a “crease” down…Continue readingNew Features – June 22

Fueling a Passionate Culture in the Remote Office

We were fascinated to read Chip Cutter’s article in the Wall Street Journal, “Office Culture: The Office is Far Away. Can Its Culture Survive?” He notes that managers “are fretting about how they can instill…Continue readingFueling a Passionate Culture in the Remote Office

Relm Tech Stack

We’re really excited to be using some very new technologies in the browser to make a 3D collaborative world like Relm possible. All of the software we use has one aim: to make it more…Continue readingRelm Tech Stack

New Features – May 29

We’ve been busy making improvements to Relm. Some of the big new features include a character selection screen, a more robust Commands system, and Multiselect with the mouse pointer. You can see a complete list…Continue readingNew Features – May 29