Relm Updates – July 9

Most of the development work has been focused on a server update that will be coming soon, but there have also been some helpful updates and improvements that have landed on the browser side:

  • NEW: Preliminary support for packed-glb and packed-gltf formats. See command-line gltfpack utility. This reduces some meshes and animations to 20% of original size.
  • NEW: Selecting a 3D object now highlights its edges in black.
  • NEW: Documentation (“Help”) now shows thought bar in command descriptions
  • NEW: When selecting a single item, a toast message now shows you what you selected (type and ID)
  • CHANGED: The upload limit has been changed to 4mb.
  • CHANGED: On Mac OS, you can now Cmd+click to remove selection (ctrl-click is indistinguishable from right-click)
  • FIXED: Restore landing coords to working state (x,z params in URL)
  • FIXED: Uploading a 3D object used to only accept a single mesh; now all meshes in a glb/gltf file are accepted.
  • FIXED: Documentation shows /share command for screen sharing
  • FIXED: You can now drag objects that are “underneath” other objects, if the under-object is selected.
  • FIXED: Players would sometimes get caught in “infinite reload loop” when triggering portal to other relm.
  • FIXED: Players would sometimes “moonwalk” (from other players’ perspectives) rather than instantly teleport when using portal.

The Open Source Ecology group has a cool use-case for Relm: since they build actual life-size machines, they can collaborate in virtual space and coordinate builds. They requested the ability to highlight edges of 3D objects in order to better show off some of their CAD models.

Duane Johnson is a founder and CEO of Relm.US, a tiny metaverse for life coaches and other transformation facilitators.

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