I don’t wear hats (well)

But I’m about to wear several, for now!

I’m thrilled to announce that I (Duane) am starting full-time this week at Relm.US Inc. as CTO and acting CEO. When my brother, Chris, and I started this video game-like virtual world for teams last Christmas, we had no idea how important it would become in 2020 to help people feel connected online.

What is Relm? Imagine if Zoom and Animal Crossing had a baby. Let people customize their avatar and environment, then bring in business apps like whiteboards and kanban boards. All in a fun, human-connecting, open-source world.

As more and more teams, conferences, and classes have begun experimenting with flex work and hybrid online arrangements, it’s clear to us that although it’s wonderful to see collaborative tools online, tools are not enough. We need an environment to surround us and give us context as we work together–we need a place that grounds us, and gives us human connection throughout the day.

If you’re interested in learning more or if you’re seriously passionate about this kind of new development, let’s talk!

Duane Johnson is a founder and CEO of Relm.US, a tiny metaverse for life coaches and other transformation facilitators.

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