Jitsi + Svelte

We’re happy to announce a new open source (MIT licensed) library called jitsi-svelte, available on npm and github. I’ve been using lib-jitsi-meet for a few months now and have a little bit of an understanding…Continue readingJitsi + Svelte

Kinder, Gentler Community

Our online spaces need to be more welcoming—they need to have more hospitality, more civilization, and more heaping helpings of kindness. You might be skeptical that there’s hope—after all, the social networks are most often…Continue readingKinder, Gentler Community

How is Relm better than Zoom?

In some ways Relm is like Zoom (video chat!), but at the same time, a lot of people notice it also looks like… a video game world!? So, what’s up with that, and is it…Continue readingHow is Relm better than Zoom?

The Online Social Universe Manifesto

Version 1.0 Human beings are fundamentally social creatures. But the world wide web was not designed to meet our social needs. When we look around at the networks we’ve created online, we see a travesty…Continue readingThe Online Social Universe Manifesto

I don’t wear hats (well)

But I’m about to wear several, for now! I’m thrilled to announce that I (Duane) am starting full-time this week at Relm.US Inc. as CTO and acting CEO. When my brother, Chris, and I started…Continue readingI don’t wear hats (well)

Relm Updates – July 9

Most of the development work has been focused on a server update that will be coming soon, but there have also been some helpful updates and improvements that have landed on the browser side: NEW:…Continue readingRelm Updates – July 9


An oft-requested feature is now here: screensharing! If you click on someone’s screen, you’ll get a full screen version of their screen. For now, the only way to initiate a screen share is via the…Continue readingScreensharing!

New Features – June 22

Relm had a big refactor last month and as a result, there are quite a few new features: Foldable images: creates an improved illusion that a 2D image is 3D by putting a “crease” down…Continue readingNew Features – June 22

Fueling a Passionate Culture in the Remote Office

We were fascinated to read Chip Cutter’s article in the Wall Street Journal, “Office Culture: The Office is Far Away. Can Its Culture Survive?” He notes that managers “are fretting about how they can instill…Continue readingFueling a Passionate Culture in the Remote Office

Relm Tech Stack

We’re really excited to be using some very new technologies in the browser to make a 3D collaborative world like Relm possible. All of the software we use has one aim: to make it more…Continue readingRelm Tech Stack